About Us

St. Anne Elementary School is located in the Timberlea area.  We provide a wide range of high quality programming to meet the academic, physical and spiritual needs of our community.  St. Anne has been  recognized for academic excellence. There are approximately 600 students from our Early Entry Program to Grade 6.  St. Anne Elementary School offers a faith-based learning environment to students of any background.  Instruction is in English.

Anne (Hebrew, Hannah, grace; also spelled Ann, Anne, Anna) is the traditional name of the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary Venerated in Roman Catholic Church; Orthodox Church: Anglicanism: Eastern Catholic Churches.

Feast: July 26th

Attributes: book, door, with Mary, Jesus, or Joachim.

Patron Saint of: carpenters, childless people; equestrians; grandparents; homemakers; lace makers; lost articles; miners; mothers; moving house; old-clothes dealers; poverty; pregnancy; seamstresses; stablemen.

Saint Anne is patron of the following places: Canada; France; Brittany; Quebec; Adjuntas, Puerto Rico; Detroit, Michigan; Norwich, Connecticut; Santa Ana, Pueblo, Seama, Toas, New Mexico; and thePhilippines.

Saint Anne (also Ann or Anna), of David’s house and line, was the mother of the Virgin Mary, according to  Christian tradition. Her name Anne is the Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Hannah.

According to the apocryphal Gospel of James, Anne and her husband Joachim, after years of childlessness, were visited by an angel who told them that they would conceive a child. Anne promised to dedicate the child to God’s service. Joachim and Anne are believed to have given Mary to the service of the Second Temple when the girl was three years old.

In Western iconography, Anne may be recognized by her depiction in red robe and green mantle, often holding a book. Images may also be found depicting Anne holding a small Mary who in turn holds an infant Christ. Such Trinitarian representations mirror similar depictions of the Trinity, and were sometimes produced as pairs.

In Canada, where she is the principal patron of the province of Quebec, the shrine of St. Anne de Beaupré is well known.

Prayer to Saint Anne

Good St. Anne, you were especially favored by God to be the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Savior. By your power with your most pure daughter and with her divine Son, kindly obtain for us the grace and the favor we now seek. Please secure for us also forgiveness of our past sins, the strength to perform faithfully our daily duties and the help we need to persevere in the love of Jesus and Mary. Amen.